Having the right equipment to be a successful baseball player is essential, but it won’t take you all the way. Baseball still requires tailored technique, and lots of practice. Your bat can’t do all the work for you as a player, but adding in a proper swing stance can certainly take your game to the next level. 

Though there is not an exact science to having a proper swing stance, and every player has their own version, there are some helpful hints to make the most of your positioning when you go to bat. 



One of the most notable aspects of a proper swing stance is to have the back elbow (furthest from the pitcher) poised and pointed up. This creates tension between the upper and lower body, which allows for a greater momentum when rotating the bat through a full swing. 


Similar to holding your elbow up, the bat should be held up to further increase the momentum throughout the swing. This can also contribute to how far and fast the ball travels off the bat. 


With the back elbow being pointed up, the inner (closest to the pitcher) shoulder naturally pulled in as well. Embracing this stance and turning your shoulder in slightly more (not too much where your view is obstructed) can aid in maximizing the momentum built by this counter-rotation. 


While the back elbow is up, the front elbow should be down to counteract the motion and allow for full extension when swinging through. This also adds to the potential momentum and can maximize speed and distance. 


In addition to putting your body in the best position to be successful at swinging, there is also a series of phases that your stance goes through. 


This stage of the stance usually includes warming up the muscles slightly, perhaps casually swinging the bat, and entering the batting box to begin preparation to hit. 


This stage begins once you begin to actually take your stance to bat. You establish your grip, get your footing settled, and begin to get into position. 


This stage is when you are fully in your ready stance. This is the stance that you swing from, and is usually finalized just before the ball is pitched. 

There is a lot more that goes into baseball than just the equipment. By establishing a proper swing stance, you can take your game to the next level.

September 05, 2022 — Zach Zwergel