Best Batting Stance. Having all of the right equipment surely gets you pretty far in the game, but knowing how to utilize it properly gets you even further. When it comes to baseball, knowing the proper batting stance ensures that you are using your brand new Rude American USA baseball bat correctly. Not everyone’s stance will be identical, but it is important to practice the best batting stance for you, in order to reap the benefits of doing so. 


Practicing and improving your batting stance will help you further your baseball career for many reasons. There are numerous benefits that come from perfecting your own baseball stance. 


When you practice a proper batting stance, you can actually improve the lifespan of your baseball bat and other equipment. If you are constantly hitting incorrectly, your bat may become susceptible to denting, breaking, or sustaining other damages. If you correct your form and are hitting baseballs the proper way, you can lower the risk of causing unnecessary damage to your baseball bat, thus lengthening the amount of time that you can use it for. 


Just like with your equipment, using your body in the wrong way can cause damages. Swinging consistently with an incorrect batting stance can cause unnecessary injuries to yourself. You can end up with pulled, strained or torn muscles, or even potentially permanent injuries. Such injuries can impede your ability to play baseball, and may even affect your sports career. 


Practicing the correct batting stance can also affect the quality of your swings and improve your game as a whole. By standing and swinging properly,  you will be maximizing your momentum and hitting the ball in the sweet spot, making the most of every single swing. 


There are a few varying answers to this, and each individual will have their own certain tweaks to make, but in general, the front foot is planted slightly forward, and the back elbow is angled up. There are several resources around the internet that show examples of how this looks in action. The most important thing is to pick a stance that you are comfortable in, that has minimal strain on your body, and prevents excess swing fatigue. 

When you have the right stance down, you want to make sure you are also working with the right equipment. Check out our 2020 lineup for the best bats on the market and take your game to the next level. 

September 05, 2022 — Zach Zwergel