Golf enthusiasts that live in warm weather climates are capable of Golf Year Round and heading to the practice range or play 18 holes all year round.  Many that have to deal with several months of cold, inclement weather, are relegated to watching golf on television or just practicing putting on their living room carpet. However, with an inflatable driving range, you can enjoy the game you love for an entire 12 months. You can also enjoy the benefit of continuous practice improving your game anywhere anytime. 

After all, even a professional golfer needs to get the rust off his or her game after a long layoff. If the best players in the world need time to get their game back, the average weekend hacker needs even more time to do so.


Inflatable driving ranges from Rude American USA created an experience for a single person or for groups. Play golf, anywhere, at any time from the basement to a rooftop, on the beach, or anywhere else you can imagine. 

Inflatable Golf Ranges are made of quality material to withstand weather conditions from rain, snow, sleet, hail, hot, cold, and wind. Want to play at night? That’s not a problem at all. The inflatable driving ranges can easily be equipped with lighting. 


In addition, top launch monitor companies across the globe have a hand in creating the most accurate simulated golfing experience. Want to play Pebble Beach, Augusta National, or perhaps The Old Course in St. Andrews? It’s entirely possible to play some of the best courses that you most likely would never have the chance to play using the simulator. Pair one of these simulators with your Rude American USA Inflatable Golf Range, and you can take a golf tour of the world without ever leaving your backyard! 


Country clubs, golf equipment companies, colleges/universities, and even high schools may have inflatable ranges. These are likely to become increasingly popular over time with even greater technological advances to create a more affordable price. 

The ranges inflate and deflate in a manner of minutes. There’s no need to worry about ricochets on balls not hit squarely off the face striking you or your playing partners. The borders are also sealed to make sure balls don’t leave the range.


The golf simulators that you can pair with a Rude American USA Inflatable Golf Range on your own can also provide feedback in terms of swing speed, plane, ball speed, spin rate, angle and plane of the swing, and much more. This will enable the dedicated golfer to see what areas of his or her game need the most work.  The results of your swing will be on full display on the simulator as you see your ball hopefully fly on a straight path to the target.


Don’t spend another off-season lounging on the sofa just counting the days until you dust off the clubs and try to find your swing. Get your Rude American USA Inflatable Golf Ranger to keep your game sharp and give you an edge on your opponents at the start of the season. Shop now

Golf Year Round

September 05, 2022 — Zach Zwergel