Inflatable batting cages are a great tool for any family, team or organization when built and used properly. However, “buyer beware” that all cages are not made equally and cages if not built properly are flat out dangerous on many levels. There are other dangers that need to be considered such as safe netting and decreased risk of ricochet. 95% of all inflatable batting cages on the market are not safe and will not contacin real baseballs or softballs.

There are two American companies that build great inflatable batting cages: Rude American Bat Company and InMotion Air. We are one of them and we recognize our U.S. competitor also makes a quality cage.  Both companies produce cages with top quality materials that are built and tested for durability and safety. As for all of the other competitors, it is my opinion that they build an inferior product, especially the ones offered from overseas that may be the most dangerous. Rude American has done a lot of research and testing and during our search we learned that EVERY overseas company (with the exception of our factory) has a picture of an inflatable batting cage that they did not build. Our factory builds design that we have patented and is superior. They have taken pictures of cages that were built by our factory or our American competitor and posted them on their web site as their product.

While you can save money buying from overseas suppliers, you are likely to have something you cannot use or that may cause dangerous situations. The netting type is typically not strong enough and overseas suppliers have difficulty hanging the netting properly so eventually a batted ball gets out of the cage and someone innocent gets injured.  Additionally, ricocheting is a serious concern as they do not know how to hang the net to avoid this. The overseas cages and the ones offered by VTS in America are not safe or durable. Our patented design includes a number of things we do to insure safety and to significantly minimize the possibility of injury to the player and bystanders.

An inflatable batting cage is a great peice of equipment if ordered properly. A real cage must have heat sealed seems. This means once they are blown up you can turn them off. Any cage that requires a blower to remain on is a bouncey toy and should nat be considered real sports equipment. Those toys are loud and expensive to run also.

So do yourself a favor. If you want an Inflatable batting cage buy it from an American company.  If not from Rude American, then stick with the other U.S. company.

September 05, 2022 — Staz DeStout