Even for the most avid golfers, going to a golf course to practice your game can take up more time than you have. Sometimes, the best and most convenient solution is being able to golf in your backyard. The Inflatable Golf Driving Range by Rude American offers golfers a quality driving net that can be used outdoors or inside as an indoor golf range. This is the perfect solution for individual golfers and organizations who are looking for an alternative to country clubs and traditional driving ranges.

The inflatable golf driving range is perfect for golfers and golfing organizations that are looking for a convenient and cost effective way to practice driving golf balls in a limited space. Not everyone has the time to visit a golf course or a driving range on a daily basis. These may be inaccessible or just too crowded. Instead, we’ve created a solution for driving golf balls from the comfort of your backyard or anywhere for that matter.

Inflatable Golf Ranges


The twenty (20) foot long inflatable frame and driving net can be easily transported and set up in as little as eight (8) minutes for quick and convenient driving sessions. This makes it the best product in its class for every golfer. The inflatable driving range features:

  • Inflates and or deflates in 8 minutes.
  • Heat sealed seams. Turn off the pump & leave it up as long as you like.
  • Each 20 foot section comes with a pump and repair kit.
  • Unit dimensions are 17W X 12H X 20L.
  • Properly hung nets to eliminate ricochets.
  • Quality golf netting with sealed borders throughout
  • Raised bottom rail for decreased wind resistance and stability.
  • Commercial grade PVC Tarpaulin shell for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Ships from Las Vegas, NV
  • Each unit comes with a carry bag and folds up to 3 x 5 cylinders so it can be put away.


Rude American’s inflatable golf driving range was inspired by our inflatable batting cages that were designed with portability and durability in mind. The golf drive netting is made in the USA and designed to take a beating. Additionally, the inflatable golf range does not need a continual stream of blowing air, like a bounce house, so it can stay up for days at a time. Offering you the most convenient way to drive golf balls. Just go outside and start swinging.

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September 05, 2022 — Zach Zwergel